2015 Prayer for my family and all who have wandered onto this space. It is based on Psalm 91


May the Lord protect and rescue you from all hidden dangers and all deadly diseases. Do not dread the disease that lurks near you, nor the disaster that may strike day or night. I pray that no diseases or dangers will even come near your home. I pray all diseases that have their grip on you will be crushed and banished from you forever. I pray that past disasters will be turned into blessings and opportunities.


I pray the Good Lord will command his angels to protect you wherever you go so nothing bad will happen to you.  I pray that you will fear nothing at night or be afraid of anything during the day. Even if thousands of people fall dead at your side nothing bad will happen to you!  I pray His angels will catch you and carry you to safety so that you will not be injured in an accident.


I pray you will have the physical power to trample mountain lions and poisonous rattlesnakes or any physical challenge you encounter.


May He reward you with a long life and give you His salvation.




If you agree just say Amen